Frustration is the mother of mickey-mouse, band-aid solutions.

I was just shopping, and used a Home Depot electronic cashier. The people who shepherd the customers through the registers obviously got sick of the inevitable by-products of the bad design of the register software.

Pin Pad Scribble

I burst out laughing when I saw this, and I had to take a picture with my phone. It is an expression of frustration. However, the end result is that the cashier looks less professional. It’s not a good idea to look unprofessional when you are dealing with someone’s money.

Can you see what happened? These electronic cashiers are arranged in a group of four, with a (usually bored teenage) cashier (“associate”) attending them. The instructions on the screen refer you to the “PIN Pad,” but most people know these as either “card readers,” or as “keypads.” The attendant obviously got sick of people asking “Where’s the PIN Pad?”, and wrote this up.

In this case, the bad design was in the terminology. The electronic cashier I wrote about earlier had the same problem.

Suggested Solution:

Rename the prompts to say “Card Reader” or even “Keypad” instead of “PIN Pad.”

Move the Card Reader to a more obvious area, as this is a “required face plant” that isn’t working properly.

Label the Card Reader more neatly and professionally.